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Tech Center - SMB premium technology


DAT Direct-Access-Technology

The Direct-Access-Technology allows direct access to the strap in the strap drive. The strap drive can be opened very quickly without tools by pressing an ergonomic control lever. The defective strap or a resulting disturbance can be easily dealt with in seconds. After closing the strap drive work can continue immediately.


MFT Mono-Frame-Technology

The SMB mono-frame ensures high geometric precision of the functional modules to each other. The machine is clearly more resilient to external force (people, conveyer vehicles, etc.) than with conventional construction methods. The machine frame encloses the functionally relevant mono-frame additionally like a full face helmet.


ASLF Anti-Strap-Loss-Function

The Anti-Strap-Loss-Function ensures that the strap no longer gets lost in the machine and is permanently available for the function modules. The machine is thus resilient to malfunction in the production process, which in turn increases the machine availability.


SAO Safe-And-Open

Work safety at high production speed is often achieved by means of safety devices. Alternatively, the SAO design combines all interests in one solution, i.e. work safety at high productivity via a safe design of the assembly group. Thus, eliminating inconvenient and cost-intensive protective devices becomes possible. Your advantage: Safe, direct operator access in case of product malfunctions during production actively reduces your accident quota and increases the productivity of your business.


ETS Easy-To-Service

Our customers are in contact with our products in different ways: during the actual production as operating personnel, but also during service work as a maintenance staff. In our opinion, SMB products only prove innovative, if all groups of people are included in the optimized solutions. Out of this business philosophy Easy-To-Service has evolved, a true revolution of access during maintenance and repair services.


The new strapping machines by SMB need up to 50% less energy than conventional machines.

Energy recovery, highly efficient drives, standard on-board voltage and also low-friction mechanical components are attributes of the new SMB technology.


SMART TOUCH operation combines two contrasting demands: clear view of everything, but no information overload.

To a certain extent, the strapping machines adapt automatically to the necessary production parameters. Moreover, they can also be adjusted at random to the required parameters. This task is frequently a great challenge for many users because of the need to click through countless meaningless menu structures.

SMART TOUCH offers a clearly designed display. The graphic visualisation gives an immediate indication of the machine function, for the most part without any need for language. This helps the operator (user, supervisor) and the service units to the same extent.


EASY CONTROL permits all necessary settings using simple, clear operating elements and provides information about the clear status of the machine. EASY CONTROL is ideal particularly for low to medium processing ranges.


SAN Small-And-Narrow

With immediate effect, processing of narrow profiles is possible without difficulty! The option “Small-And-Narrow” from SMB product family allows strapping of minimum product widths of 40 mm, depending on compressibility and strap tension needed. Easy opening of the strapped bundle is secured using an optional pull tab near the welding point.


EWL Ergonomic-Working-Level

Many of our automatic machines are constantly being used by different employees. Especially when the machine is being processed for a longer period, an adaptation to the respective body height is preferable.

This functionality is now being achieved with the help of an automatic height adaptation with EWL technology (Ergonomic Working Level) for our SMB NEO.

By means of an additional operating unit, the table height of the strapping machine can be adjusted motorically just in a matter of seconds, enabling an ergonomic and fatigue-proof working process.


EPP Exact-Product-Path

During fully automatic processing, an exact and repeatable product movement is very important for high-quality packaging with strapping.

Some applications require precise positioning of the strapping band into a groove or recess, while others require different precisely coordinated alignment functions - some of them also during transport through the machine.

With the new Exact Product Path (EPP) technology, the SMB strapping machine is largely self-sufficient, the simplified settings are intuitively solved. In addition, the machine is robust against changing ambient conditions such as temperature or wear.



Contains all the features of SMB SMART TOUCH,
with the following additional benefits :

  • Easily save up to 5000 recipes and settings via USB
  • Effortless software update via USB
  • Integrated service messaging at every maintenance interval, including contact address
  • Extensive state analysis of the machine, e.g. I / O visualization including actual value display directly in the circuit diagram
  • Easy remote access via Ethernet, integrated web server
  • Technical documentation of the system can be displayed and retrieved
Compared to SMART TOUCH, this is the ideal foundation for preventive maintenance, advanced predictive maintenance, and future process improvements. So your systems are fit for all your future challenges.

ASC Automatic Strap Change

For fully automatic production lines, there is an interruption during production time when the strapping band is empty, but the staff is not on site, resulting in significant downtimes at high costs.
In order to avoid this case, we developed the automatic change of the strapping band ASCAutomatic Strap Change – and presented this technology for the first time inside of the Krones Evolite on the occasion of the Interpack trade fair in 2011.

In addition, this technology provides the ability to automatically apply a second strap in the event of a fault which consequently improves the reliability of the entire system.

As of now, SMB ASC is available as an option for many SMB strapping machines.

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